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Providing transparency for those seeking admissions to colleges and universities.

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We are providers of data. Engaging users with the information they need to help make wise decisions when deciding on the best educational institution . We are experts in the field of admissions and have analyzed and showcased acceptance rates and test scores of thousands of colleges and universities across the U.S. This information is crucial for students who may be considering their options when it comes to higher education, and we have tried our best to provide this information in a very detailed yet straightforward manner.

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To learn more about where our data comes from please visit our data and calculations page.

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Michele Poff, Ph.D.

Michele Poff, PhD holds a PhD in Communication from University of Washington, an MA in Applied Linguistics from Portland State University, and a BA in English from University of California at Berkeley.She has taught university Communication courses for 6 years, and English language courses for 13 years.As both an educator and a student, Michele has been involved with numerous colleges and universities both on the U.S. west coast and overseas.These involvements have given her insights to the academy’s functions and processes as a whole, rather than at one university or another.Today, Michele owns and operates a Strategic Communication Consulting firm, Accomplish, LLC (http://accomplishcomm.com), and helps individuals and companies take the next step on their road of ambition.Accomplish, LLC offers the full spectrum of strategic communication consulting services, while Michele specializes primarily in academic editing and course development.

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    Bryce Hall

    After graduating with a degree in Communication Studies from San Jose State University, Bryce has worked in sales and marketing. With nearly a decade of business development expertise under his belt in the education industry, he now operates AcceptanceRate.com to help future students get reliable data in the palm of their hands easily and effectively.

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